Textured Prepainted Coils

The textured paint has a special pattern and provide the steel coils it covers with a specific appearance and a strong resistance during the time.

The thickness of the Textured paint layer is up to 35 µm.



The Textured Prepainted Coils are delivered according to the following specification:

  • Hot-dip galvanized steel substrate: DX51D+Z;
  • Zinc layer: from 200 to 275 gr/sqm, on the coil’s both sides:
  • Coils’ thickness: usually between 0.40 mm and 0.60 mm;
  • Coils’ width: between 1000 mm and 1250 mm;
  • Coils’ weight: 4 to 6 tones;
  • Coils’ inner diameter: 508 mm;
  • Coils’ outer diameter: 900 – 1500 mm;

The usual Textured Prepainted Coils we produce are coated with RAL 3005 TXT, 3011 TXT, 7016 TXT, 8017 TXT, 8019 TXT and 9005 TXT. Based on the customers’ requests, the coils can be painted in any other RAL color.