Hot-Dip Galvanized Coils

The Hot-Dip Galvanized Coils are used in the constructions industry, as material for production of the corrugated panels, steel sheets, metallic strip for fences, profiles for the gypsum-cardboard panels, ventilation systems, steel accessories. Recommended to be used both outside and inside of the buildings, the hot-dip galvanized coil is a product with a high resistance to the corrosion from the various mediums.

The resistance against corrosion is due to the covering with a protective layer of zinc from 100 to 275 gr/sqm, on the coils’ both sides.



Technical specifications of the Hot-Dip Galvanized Coils we produce:

  • Steel grade: DX51D+Z usually;

According to the customers’ requests, it can be produced S type structural steel grades (for example S220GD+Z)

  • Zinc layer: between 100 and 275 gr/sqm on the coils’ both sides;
  • Coils’ thickness: from 0.20 mm to 1,00 mm;
  • Coils’ width: between 1000 mm and 1250 mm;

According to the requests it can be also provided steel strips less than 1000 mm wide;

  • Coil’s weight: 4 to 6 tone;
  • Coils’ inner diameter: 508 mm or 610 mm;
  • Coils’ outer diameter: 900-1500 mm;

The mechanical characteristics of the drawing steel (according to EN 10327)

Steel Grade Rc [N] Rm[N] A80 Min. [%]
DX51D 270-500 22
DX52D 140-300 270-420 26
DX53D 140-260 270-380 30

The mechanical characteristics of the structural steel (according to EN 10326)

        Steel grade Rp0‚2 Min.[N] Rm Min.[N] A80 Min. [%]
S220GD 220 300 20
S230GD 250 330 19
S280GD 280 360 18
S320GD 320 390 17

All of the above mentioned values are informative, the tolerances being mentioned in the European Standards.